News from Poland

We are pleased to announce that the decision of the Director of the Polish Centre for Research and Development on October 14, 2014 has been to award funding for the project entitled ‘Lactotechnology as an answer to special nutritional requirements of preterm infants’ to the consortium composed of:

Human Milk Bank Foundation - Consortium Leader
Institute of High Pressure UNIPRESS
Warsaw School of Agriculture
Medical University of Warsaw
SOS Food Bank in Warsaw

The aim of the project is to optimize the procedure of processing breastmilk in the milk bank with the use of high pressures and the HACCP system adaptation in order to implement it in the milk flow in the hospital environment.


World Human Milk Donation Day

Milk banks throughout Europe will celebrate World Human Milk Donation Day on Monday May 19th 2014 with coffee mornings, picnics and other events.

Monday May 19th 2014 is the date that has been internationally selected as an opportunity to celebrate the potentially life -saving gift of human milk. There are currently 203 human milk banks operating in Europe to which human milk is provided by mothers who are recruited and specially screened, including via blood tests, to ensure safety. The donated breastmilk is microbiologically tested and generally also heat treated before it is fed to sick and premature infants in hospital. May 19th was originally designated in Brazil as World Human Milk Donation Day because on that day in 2005 the first agreement to create an international network of milk banks was signed by 13 countries and international organisations in South and Central America. The European Milk Bank Association (EMBA – is ensuring the work of milk banks and the kindness of the mothers who donate their milk is recognised throughout Europe also. ‘We are encouraging all of the milk banks in Europe to hold events to which the donor mothers and their families and the babies and mothers who have benefited from the donated breastmilk will be invited” said EMBA President Gillian Weaver. Coffee mornings, picnics and other events will be organised and it is hoped that milk banks will be able to use these events to help publicise the work that they do and encourage new breastfeeding mothers to donate their milk to human milk banks.


First milk bank opens in New Zealand!

Congratulations to all involved in the development of New Zealand’s first milk bank which opened on the 4th February 2014 in Christchurch Women’s Hospital Neonatal Unit.

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EMBA Annual meeting 2012

This year’s annual assembly will take place after the meeting of the EMBA board on Thursday 4th October at 4pm. All current members of EMBA are able to attend. They will hear a report from the current President, Professor Guido Moro outlining the activities undertaken by the Association since the last meeting in October 2011 as well as have the opportunity to discuss a range of items related to milk banking in Europe.


ISBT 128

ISBT 128 is the global standard for the identification, labelling, and information processing of human blood, cell, tissue, and organ products across international borders and health care systems. The standard which has been perfected over the past twenty years ensures the highest levels of accuracy, safety, and efficiency for the benefit of donors, patients, and health care professionals around the world.

The International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation (ICCBBA) agreed that the ISBT 128 Standard can be extended to cover milk banking and a number of countries have expressed an interest in improving the identification of milk donations using ISBT 128. In order to ensure a common approach to the identification and bar coding of human milk an ad hoc working group in Milk Banking has been established. The group is comprised of experts in the field with a willingness to work towards global standardization in this area. It is anticipated that this group will eventually form the basis of a formal ICCBBA Technical Advisory Group in Milk Banking. The first conference call will take place in November and will include members from milk banks in Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Holland and the UK.

EMBA representatives in Paris

EMBA board members Professor Guido Moro (President), Gillian Weaver (Vice President), Prof Sertac Arslanoglu (Vice President elect, Dr Clair-Yves Boquien and Professor Enrico Bertino attended the European Congress of Perinatal Medicine held in Paris between 13th and 16th June 2012. A session devoted to the European Milk Bank Association was included in the very full and comprehensive programme that allowed for the wide and varied interests and specialties of the attendees. This was the first time such a congress has provided a platform of this scale to human milk banking and it enabled delegates to gain an insight into the growth and development of milk banks in Europe as well as into the benefits of donor human milk, the transmission of viral illness through breastmilk and the role of donor milk in the support of breastfeeding.


Reduced rate conference fees for group members or affiliations

Organisations that take out a group membership of EMBA or become an affiliated group will be entitled to nominate two people who may benefit from the reduced delegate rate at the forthcoming EMBA congress in Lisbon.


New Milk Bank Opens in Poland

On Wednesday 28th March 2012, a newly developed milk bank will become operational so that once again premature and sick babies can have access to donor breastmilk. The milk bank will be situated in the Postgraduate Medical Centre of the Professor Orlowski Hospital.  Aleksandra Wesolowski and others have worked long and hard to make this happen and their efforts have been rewarded with the establishment of the first bank to provide heat treated donor milk in Poland for over a decade.  Professor Guido Moro and Gillian Weaver sent a message of congratulations on behalf of all the Board and the members of EMBA to all those involved in the work to bring this about.

Amanda Davies promotes milk banking wearing EMBA teeshirt!

BBC Sports Presenter Amanda Davies recently became the Patron of the Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital Milk Bank in West London.  Amanda, seen here wearing a tee shirt with the EMBA logo and the slogan 'I love milk banks' has been a fan since her daughter Molly needed donor milk following a premature delivery and Amanda's subsequent need for emergency medical treatment. For the first week of her life, Molly was fed on donor milk, something for which Amanda and husband Sam are very grateful.  Amanda was officially instated as the Patron at a recent event at the milk bank when she met current breastmilk donor Carina and her baby Oliver (who wore another EMBA teeshirt announcing 'I love sharing my mummy's milk') as well as other hospital and milk bank staff and supporters. The EMBA logo and slogans (all designed specially for EMBA by Chris Emery of cemerydesign) are available on a wide range of products via Cafe Press at http where EMBA have a virtual shop and benefit from all sales.

Do you love milk banks?

If you love milk banks go to the Cafe Press online store where you can buy clothes and gifts that will support the EMBA

EMBA Annual Meeting 2011

This year’s annual meeting to which all members of EMBA are invited will take place in Milan.
Date: Friday November 18th 2011
Time: 9am – 12pm
Via Libero Temolo, 4 - 20126 Milano (Italy)
The annual meeting will be followed by lunch and then between 1pm and 4pm, we will be looking at the following topics:

  • Donor milk bank survey information
  • Informal sharing of mothers milk
  • Updating the EMBA map

Working groups will also consider breastmilk fortification, milk banking guidelines in Europe and heat treatment of breastmilk.

You will find information regarding bed and breaskfast accommodation that is conveniently situated for the meeting:

Milano Bicocca

Stazione Lambrate Zone, because it is has an excellent  connection to Stazione di Greco Pirelli
(only 5 minutes distant from Biomedia office).

Hotel Area Bicocca degli Arcimboldi

Travel assistance:
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Preterm Lactation and Breastfeeding and An Introduction to Preterm Nutrition:

Two study days to be held in London in September 2011 that may be of interest.  For further details visit the websites or contact Gillian Weaver on

An Update On Nutritional Programming:
Symposium in Nantes, France, 6th June 2011

NEWSFLASH: Discount for EMBA members
EMBA members are entitled to a discounted Symposium fee of 40 Euros

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International Human Milk Banking Conference in Milan in October 2010

The third international meeting will take place in Milan, Italy on Saturday October 16th.  For the programme and registration details please go to:
The Congress will be accreditated by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to provide CME activity for medical specialist.

EACCME credits are recognized by the American Medical Association towards the Physician's Recognition Award (PRA).


EMBA official inaugaration

The EMBA will have its official inauguration meeting in Milan on Friday 15th October 2010. 
Founding members together with additional representatives of milk banks in Europe will gather to celebrate the official and legal establishment of the association and the publication of the EMBA Constitution.  For further details contact Ass Prof Sertac Arslanoglu on or


Human milk and milk banking conferences in 2010:

June 7th 2010 in Nantes, France:
Recent scientific progress on human milk and its use for preterm infants In France, human milk is given to around 60% of neonates from birth including maternal milk (for breastfed neonates) and donor milk from human milk banks. This rate continues to increase with the current public health promotion of breastfeeding. Human milk is given as a golden standard by neonatologists, recommended for term as well as for preterm babies (with optional protein and mineral fortification). It is also a reference for industrial producers of infant formula who try to match its nutritional composition.

The nutritional composition of human milk is complex and not well known (except for the macronutrients). The epidemiological studies have proven some benefits of human milk on growth and health of neonates (i.e. decreasing lower and upper respiratory infections); however other benefits remain controversial and continue to be discussed by scientists (i.e. improvement of Developmental Quotient at age 2 yrs, reduction in diabetes and obesity in adulthood...). Trying to determine a scientific link between some of these findings and the micronutrient composition is challenging - this symposium will provide an opportunity to present an update on progress.

The Research Unit PHAN (Physiology of Nutritional Adaptations) is focusing its research interests on neonatal nutrition and the interest in human milk as a biological material is increasing. This symposium will be an occasion for us to present to the scientific community - national and international - the research projects and the experimental and the clinical studies that we lead in the PHAN Unit as well as in Nantes University. We are continuing the achievements of 2009 and the successful symposium Perinatal nutrition and nutritional imprinting that the PHAN Unit organized last year.


United Kingdom:
Milk Banking 2010: NICE New Beginnings

The 2010 UKAMB conference is being held in Solihull near Birmingham to help mark the anniversary of the milk bank that was established in the city 60 years ago.  The conference will feature a range of important and topical presentations including the publication of the 2010 NICE guideline.

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Milan, Italy:
International Milk Banking Conference Saturday October 16th 2010.  Further details coming soon.


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